• Think Distinct
    In today's marketplace you need to be able
    to set yourself apart from your competitors.
    You need to make your store a destination.
    Southern can make that happen.

Southern CaseArts

"We should always design and build a case, as if we would be the installer and technician."
~William "Dandy" Cary, Sr.


Our catalog offerings are anything but standard, being cutting edge design that's ready to go off the shelf. The Standard line includes merchandisers that are ready to meet your needs, but can still be personalized for your store.

Customized Standard

When flexibility and adaptability are required to fulfill your more individual merchandising needs, look no further than Southern's Customized Standard line. The versatile merchandisers start with an Standard model, which we then customize to your specific requests in order to help realize your vision.

Tailor Made

In today's marketplace, you need to be able to set yourself apart from your competitors. You need to make your store a destination. Southern's Tailor Made line will bring your conceptual ideas into reality. The only limits are your imagination and the laws of physics, and laws are meant to be broken.

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100 - Self Service

Self Service

300 - Multidecks


400 - Combination


500 - Food Service

Food Service

900 - Hot Foods

Hot Foods


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"We should always design and build a case, as if we would be the installer and technician."
~William "Dandy" Cary, Sr.


We want all experiences with our product, from the installer to the customer, to be as undemanding and enjoyable as possible. In that effort, we provide online and printable guides that outline detailed steps for installation as well as complete information on care, operation, and maintenance.



Sometimes you might need a bit more than simply reading descriptions or examining illustrations can offer. A little additional detail can make all the difference in the world. To that point, we provide videos portraying the installation of each type of merchandiser from start to finish.



We design all our cases to last and operate problem free, however in an imperfect world, sometimes a little help might be needed. We try to make the lives of your refrigeration technicians as easy as we can, which ultimately affects your bottom line. We attempt to utilize components that are made in the USA and stand behind our products 100%. If you do have an issue, please don’t hesitate to call our service department or one of our local service providers.


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